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Curtis is a passionate and in-demand musician and songwriter, working along with popular artists, actors and movie directors. His creations, unique sounds and soundtracks are found in movies, TV shows and documentaries.

Can musicians get paid in cash on the day?

Can musicians get actually paid in cash on the day? Well, it’s true, some musicians are happy to accept cash. I personally feel that are a number of reasons why that isn’t a great idea. And here they are. First: I don’t want you to be worrying about a large amount of cash in someone’s […]

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Lyric Tips for Spoken Word Music Performances

Now in the case of a piece where you don’t have a definite story but you’re essentially building layer upon layer of sensory experiences for your audience, you’re not going to have the same type of closing where you come back and refer to the beginning. You’re still going to refer to the beginning but […]

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Budget Musician Touring Tips

So you want to keep track of your income and your expense. But you also want to have an understanding of the overall picture of your finances and how this business venture is going. Make no mistake, this is not just fun and games. We’re talking about If you’re doing this full time and you […]

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Musician Touring Tips: Income Sheets

Now, I’m not saying that you have to have a degree in accounting. But, if you’re going to be successful in any way, in keeping track of your money, which becomes very important at tax time. Or, in Willie Nelson’s case, when the IRS busted him for not being diligent to report his money at […]

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The Most Important Music Production Tips

Number 1 – Spend the bulk of your time in pre-production You shoult be spending significally more hours preparing to your recording than the actual recording itself. Session time is expensive and others people time is valuable. Do not waste that time fixing something that could’ve been fixed beforehand. Here are some topics you wanna […]

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FiiO F9 Pro Review

The FiiO F9 Pro – which shares exactly the same design of the F9 – has been tweaked slightly. There isn’t a huge amount of difference but enough to make you notice. It sounds cleaner than the F9 and has a better sonic balance – although I could imagine fans of heavy bass or female […]

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Star Polaris Auralic’s Review

Auralic has won many admirers for its sophisticated range of music streamers – and deservedly so. They are wellengineered, easy to set-up and operate and, most importantly, extremely detailed and clean sounding. I first came across the Auralic Aries wireless streaming bridge last year and was taken aback by how much more resolution it provided […]

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FiiO F9 Review

The FiiO F9 ups the ante from the FH1 by using a different shell – made from CNC machined aluminium. It’s an elliptical look again but features a wave-shaped design on the outside. Whether this makes a difference to the sound is a moot point – but it does like nice. The major difference from […]

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Leema Sirius Review

The Sirius streaming music server from Leema Acoustics is now shipping. This unit provides 2TB of storage for ripping CDs and storing high-definition files, as well as UPnP/DNLA capability for accessing music on a home network. The TEAC-sourced optical CD drive is said to provide bit-perfect copying to the hard drive making it easy to […]

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