Lyric Tips for Spoken Word Music Performances

Now in the case of a piece where you don’t have a definite story but you’re essentially building layer upon layer of sensory experiences for your audience, you’re not going to have the same type of closing where you come back and refer to the beginning. You’re still going to refer to the beginning but you’ve been referring to the beginning the whole time.

You’re building it all the way through. So at the end, you have this massive crescendo where suddenly it all makes sense. Let me show you what I’m talking about In the piece where I said “A tree has blossomed today. It’s beauty exposed in full array of glory”.

” The whole time I have in mind what I’m actually talking about but I don’t reveal it I call this the reveal. I don’t reveal it until the very end of the piece. So at the end of the piece I’ve gone through all this stuff I’ve built it, I’ve built it, I’ve built it.

And I’ve said “So meet me tonight in the twilight of your shadow. Steal me away to the glow underneath your branches where I’m washed clean from every mottled stain. Your joy exploding in my brain. How I love the rain”.